Worldwide training for engineers, delivered by engineers

Through a growing network of amazing teacher-engineers, cpugtraining delivers top-notch technical education to students around the world.

Most courses can be attended in one of our classroom locations (the list of which is constantly expanding through our partner network), from the comfort of the student’s location via our custom-built virtual classroom, or for small groups at the student site via our mobile classroom.

We also take pride in our unique instructors – who stay current and up-to-date on their products by remaining active in the field in addition to their classroom time.  While they’re excellent teachers, they are also exceptional engineers.

For resellers and consultants we offer channel and referral programs which enable anyone to offer unparalleled instruction to their valued clients without the difficult work of creating a successful teaching environment, the need to foster a well-honed training staff, or fear of losing your customers to your competition.

Please take a look at our global classroom solution and read more about our instructors.  Then, review out course offerings and register for the class of your choice.

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